EES signed Agreement with Metrum TEC – 100MW Wind Park Developer in Kyrgyzstan

On the 7th of  June 2022, Eastern Energy Solution d.o.o. (EES) and Metrum TEC signed an Agreement to develop CO2 Emission reduction Projects in the Central Asian renewable Power Sector.

According to the Agreement, EES will develop Emission reduction Project based on the 100 MW Wind Park to be commissioned by Metrum TEC in Kyrgyzstan, to satisfy the demand for Carbon Credits from its European Customer Base.

The Potential for cooperation is great as Metrum TEC through their Expertise and proprietary engineering Solutions are pursuing an ambitious Development Program that can lead to creating of up to 500 MW of renewable Capacities in the Country.

The aim of this Collaboration focuses on bringing additional financing to reduce Carbon footprint of Power produced in Kyrgyzstan. This will as well reduce the exposure of Kyrgyz companies to the European Union (EU) Carbon border adjustment Mechanism planned for the Future.

Matej Sesel, CEO of EES, said: “Our collaboration with Metrum TEC is a great example of how Carbon financing can create new and real Emission reductions. As a Country, Kyrgyzstan has vast renewable Power Potential. As the rules governing international trading of Emissions continue to develop, we see Carbon Markets playing an increasing role in Kyrgyzstan and we are delighted to contribute to this growth”.

Asan Sadykov, CEO of Metrum TEC also added: “Water Resources of Kyrgyzstan are decreasing and every Year we produce less hydro Energy. Now Kyrgyzstan is at cross-roads: we can either build more coal fired Power Plants or more renewable Power Plants. If we want to honour our Commitments under Paris Agreement and treat Nature responsibly we have to go for renewables. We see a huge Potential of Wind and Solar Power production in Kyrgyzstan. Additional Carbon financing is what is required to boost our Activities in this respect, and we are very enthusiastic about getting this financing through EES”.
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