EES Partners with Armenian PV Stations Developer to Issue Carbon Credits

Eastern Energy Solution d.o.o. (EES) has announced a significant Partnership with Armenian Photovoltaic (PV) Stations Developer to facilitate the issuance of Carbon Credits. This Agreement aims to bolster sustainability efforts and contribute to the reduction of greenhouse Gas Emissions in the Region.

EES, known for its involvement in voluntary Carbon, Natural Gas, and Electricity Markets, has taken a step forward in expanding it's Carbon Credit Portfolio. By partnering with Armenian PV Stations Developer, the Company aims to tap into the growing Solar Energy Sector and capitalize on the environmental Benefits it offers.

Under the Agreement, EES will work closely with it's Armenian Partner to assess and quantify the Amount of Greenhouse Gas Emissions avoided due to the Generation of Solar Energy from 11 Solar Power Plants being developed in Armenia with a total installed Capacity of 65 MW. These Emissions reductions will be converted into Carbon Credits, which can then be sold in voluntary Carbon Markets to individuals, Organizations, and Businesses looking to offset their Carbon Footprints.

The move comes at a time when the importance of Carbon Credits and offsetting Initiatives is increasingly recognised globally. As Governments and Industries strive to meet their sustainability Targets, Carbon Credits have gained prominence as a valuable tool in the fight against Climate Change.

Armenia, a country known for it's commitment to renewable Energy, offers a favorable Environment for EES to establish this Partnership. With abundant sunshine throughout the Year, the Nation has witnessed a rapid growth of PV Stations and is steadily expanding it's renewable Energy Capacity.

EES plans to leverage its Expertise in Carbon Markets and work closely with the Armenian PV Stations Developer to ensure accurate Measurements and efficient issuance of Carbon Credits. By doing so, they aim to unlock new Revenue Streams for the participating Stations and contribute to the sustainable development of Armenia's Energy Sector.
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