Eastern Energy Solution joins Serbian Biogas Association, Fuelling Sustainable Energy Drive

Eastern Energy Solution d.o.o. (EES), a Slovenian based Company active in voluntary Carbon Markets, has forged a transformative Partnership with the Serbian Biogas Association. EES joining the Association marks a strong Partnership that aims to boost Serbia's Biogas Sector and promote sustainable Energy Projects.

EES, established in 2018 as a Gas and Electricity Trader in South East Europe, is renowned for its low-carbon Business focus. Operating primarily in Central and Eastern Europe, the Company pioneers voluntary Carbon Market Practices, with a distinct emphasis on renewable Power Projects in Central Asia and the Caucasus and expanding its Activities in the Balkan Region.

Matej Sesel, CEO of EES, remarked, "Our collaboration with the Serbian Biogas Association is a significant move towards promoting sustainable Energy growth in the Region. By leveraging our expertise, we aim to infuse fresh vitality into Serbia's Biogas Industry."

The Partnership holds particular promise for Serbia's Biogas Sector, known for its regulatory fluctuations. EES's comprehensive "turn-key Carbon Solution" approach offers a streamlined Mechanism for Clients to participate in Carbon Credit issuance and monetization. The revenue generated from Credit sales will catalyze the advancement of Biogas Projects in Serbia.

Lidija Carevic, Manager of the Serbian Biogas Association, expressed enthusiasm, stating, "EES's commitment to sustainability aligns with our Goals. Their Expertise in voluntary Carbon Markets will undoubtedly enhance our efforts in fostering a greener Energy Landscape in Serbia."

This Partnership embodies a collective stride towards achieving cleaner Energy solutions, underlining both Organizations' commitment to advancing Serbia's Environmental and Energy Ambitions.
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